Care Instructions


Thank you for supporting my business & now owning a piece of ELISE LICHĀ + Co. jewellery.


All our jewellery is handpicked exclusively by ELISE.

Each piece is made from 925 Sterling Silver.

Then plated in a Rhodium, Gold or Rose Gold.


Care Instructions

We advise you to follow the steps to care for your ELISE LICHĀ + Co. jewellery.

Please remove your jewellery before washing your hands, showering, swimming, sleeping, applying perfume or coming into contact with other chemicals. Tarnish effects precious metals such as sterling silver.

Over time, all sterling silver will tarnish.

The warmer months humidity will speed this process.

To clean your jewellery, use a jewellery microfibre/polishing cloth.

It is very important to follow the above care instructions in order for your warranty to be accepted.




All ELISE LICHĀ + Co. Jewellery comes with a 3 month manufactures warranty from the date of purchase.

Warranty covers manufacturing defects however does not cover

  • Mishandling
  • Accidents
  • Knocks
  • Normal Wear & Tear
  • Ageing & Natural Tarnishing

Proof of purchase must be retained for the warranty to be valid.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at and we will be happy to help.